January 20, 2021

Health: Exercise and Hypertension


High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a dangerous and increasingly common disease linked to our modern lifestyle. The leading causes of high blood pressure include stress, obesity, diet, and a lack of physical exercise; but other factors like genetic heredity and kidney disease can contribute to hypertension as well. Dietary changes like reducing fat and salt intake are a good first step toward lowering blood pressure. But exercise may be the best thing you can do to improve your blood pressure.

Regular exercise not only helps people reduce their weight but it also helps to stimulate the growth and function of the heart. However, if you are just starting to exercise it is important to follow a few helpful guidelines. Make sure to consult with your chiropractor or medical doctor so you can know what your starting limits and goals for exercise should be. Take it slow and exercise regularly to maximize benefits and minimize injuries. And finally, workout within your capacity and work up to your fitness goals.

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Health: Exercise and Hypertension – Fitness Gurls Magazine

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