January 20, 2019

Would you swap your dumbbells for your DOG?

In Australia, a new exercise craze, lead by veterinary nurse Kylie Walker, allows workaholic exercisers to multitask by integrating time with their pets into their exercise routines. Kylie Walker’s sessions, titled Unleashed Active, are designed to fit not only the differing fitness levels of the owners but also the personalities and sizes of their dogs. For example, pet owners with small dogs can use their dogs as a replacement for weights.

This type of exercise is similar in method and philosophy to the yoga craze, called “doga,” in which owners can do yoga with their dogs. These types of exercise are designed to not only improve and maintain the health of dog and owner but also promote bonding, even encouraging a “sacred union” between dog and owner.

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Would you swap your dumbbells for your DOG?

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